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*is mildly disturbed*

The more I watch Trauma, the more Glenn looks like Johnny Gage's love child! Someone tell me I am very very wrong, or I will get plotbunnies! O_o (Of course, even if someone tells me, my Tyler/Glenn bunnies will remain safe...)
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Best typo ever!!!!!!!!

As I was coming back from my sorta-2nd-anniversary-dinner with Mike, we were checking out menus of the various restaurants as we went in case we wanted to go out again in a few days. At this particular restaurant, I glanced at the menu, saw an interestingly named dessert item and laughed like a hyena all the way home.

The dessert I spotted was "Creep filled with Nutella".
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Anyways, I am a Master (or a Mistress) of Arts, and I wanna thank everyone on LJ who helped me with getting the material together. You are all awesome and I couldn't've done it without you! I shall be periodically AWOL for the next few weeks as I am moving to places unknown in the fall and need to pack up my stuff...
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One more request of you, the awesome flist!

I am searching for slash stories in any of my many fandoms (which are in my profile!) to analyze for my thesis. I am still looking for following types of stories:
- episode-related
- AU
- a good PWP
- a good story with no/little/barely mentioned sexy!time

Also, I need a few different stories in which subtext seen in the original is mentioned - for some unknown reason Starsky & Hutch and Torchwood come to mind, but if you know of any good stories in other fandoms, I am game!
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Important slash fandoms?

I'm trying to list some shows with large-ish/important slash fandoms in my thesis... and since am probably forgetting some, I've decided to ask you all what you think. :-)

ETA: Of course I managed to forget to list the ones I had in mind, as I have the dumb today... anyways, they are:
Starsky & Hutch, Miami Vice, Wiseguy, Blake’s 7, The Professionals, From Eroica With Love, Quantum Leap, Highlander, X-Files, The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, House, Forever Knight, due South, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Queer as Folk, and Torchwood.

Daughter of the ETA: No RPS or femslash please, as I am focusing only on m/m slash. (I wish I could include it all, but then my thesis would never end... *sigh*)
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Thank you everyone for helping me out! The answers I've got for the survey thing were very nice, and the book suggestions were very helpful too. :-) *hugs* I shall probably ask people for recs in a few days yet again when I finally figure out what I am writing about in the laast chapter.

(For the survey people who are still working on it - my thesis deadline is the 9th, so I need to have the whole thing done by about 5th so I can edit it, so anything sent by then is okay - in the worst case you won't be quoted, but will still be thanked for your help!)
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Slashy book?

I am trying to scrounge up examples of slashy subtext in various sources for my thesis, and I somehow cannot think of any book examples. Scenes from any of the book series that I know (Master & Commander, Hornblower, Sharpe) would be particularly useful. Please help me with your knowledge, oh all-knowing friendlist!
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Does anyone know how I might get my hands on Joanna Russ' essay on slash, "Pornography by women, for women, with love"? I've looked everywhere online, even on the academic sites where you can pay for viewing books, and I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks!