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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, But Ladies Choose Hot, Tortured and Gay Brunets

(And An Occasional Blond, Too)

Krissy Mae Anderson
1 April 1983
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In Her Own Write

Why Krissy Mae Anderson, you ask? In RL, my initials are MKA, so I just changed them around slightly. "Krissy" is what wolfdancer thought my name was at my first connexions way back in 2003. "Mae" comes from Mae West, since someone once told me, probably quite mistakenly, that I bear some resemblance to her. "Anderson" comes from the last name of Richard Dean Anderson, who's just great and whom I loved as MacGyver. And after all, I needed a normal last name for my fannish name!

I'm a fandom whore who is an avid slash fan (but I'm quite bifictional, I assure you!), with a myriad of identities. Some may also know me as MK, some as the Pointed Stick, some as VjeraNadaLjubav and some as CoffeeCat. This is my (mostly) fannish journal, dealing with my fannish woes, fanfic, art, vids, etc. My recs of all sorts can be found over at fandomwhorerecs, my co-writing journal with sharpiefan is to be found at wenches_rs and you can find my "mundane" journal at putnica_x. I tend to be a little quiet nowadays due to stress and illness, so please don't be mad if I don't comment in your journal much. This LJ is often rather random, like me, and doesn't make much sense. Slashy posts are common, so keep that in mind. Recently, I've decided to make more RL posts in this LJ, since I never bother to log out of it...

The last fandom I was active in is Stargate Atlantis, and I've been also previously active in ER. My many other fandoms are, in no particular order: The X-Files, Due South, Starsky & Hutch, Wiseguy, Emergency!, Pretender, Torchwood, From Eroica With Love, Sharpe, House, Life on Mars, 21 Jump Street, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Scrubs, Bones, M*A*S*H, MacGyver, Homicide: Life on the Street, Smallville, Firefly, Horatio Hornblower, Dexter, James Bond, Angel, Buffy, Jeeves & Wooster, The Professionals, the Seafort Saga, CHiPs, Miami Vice, Millennium, The Dead Zone, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Farscape, Twin Peaks, Third Watch, The Sentinel, Weißkreuz, Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Shogun, Police Rescue, Desert Peach and Boy Meets Boy.

Feel free to friend me, and I will most likely add you back unless you're a weird troll and/or if I don't see any references to fandom of any kind in your LJ. My LJ is not friends only, but certain posts, mostly about RL, are f-locked due to personal reasons or at the request of my friends. If you came here wondering why I friended you, it's probably because I found your LJ interesting and we have some interest in common.

Secret Idenity

In real life, I'm a 25-year-old perpetual student who has way too many interests for her own good. I'm a European mutt, and currently reside in Europe after spending a decade in the States. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English and German, and am currently working on my Croatian. I have a cute handsome Canadian boyfriend who I am teaching to recognize slash from quite a long way away.

An Evil Overlord in the Works

sharpiefan: "kma has about eleventy billion fandoms, which she finds it hard to keep track of at times. She finds it hard to keep her mind out of the gutter at times, as she has a tendency to misread innocent words and phrases as something rather more suggestive. Beware as you enter her world, lest she drag you down to her level!"

neth_dugan: "[kma is a] good friend who's always there to bash you over the head with spelling mistakes, and make jokes of them. Really makes you want to stop making typos. A bit of a perfectionist with a passion for hot sailors and army men of several hundred years ago, and who loves nothing more than to put them together in many steamy scenes."

mprice: "In infancy, kma's dreams of world domination began. The first sign of this was her unusual dexterity in implementing handpr0n. As her evil plans grew, she went on to terrorize the bad!fic authors of the world by becoming the ultimate Grammar Nazi. The list of her abilities and accomplishments is staggering...

- Member of a record eleventy billion fandoms.
- Registered breeder of purebred plotbunnies.
- Owner of the only Plotbunny Cannon in existence.
- Has been known to threaten friends with evil, mutant plotbunnies.
- Possesses Slash-O-Vision: the unusual ability to see slash undertones in anything.
- Can find a slashy quote from any fandom at the drop of a hat.
- Can find a bad!fic quote for any fandom.
- Aspires to become the ultimate mod of ff.net and rid the world of bad!fic forever.
- Licensed Wambulance Driver and Emergency Wank Technician.
- Fandom pimp extraordinaire."

We're Playing Those Mind Games Together

Co-Maintainer of: atlantis_vids, badfic_quotes, bond_slash,campfic, euro_slash, scrubs_slash

Maintainer of: bones_research, emergencyfans, fake_dc, luka_abby, the_slash_zone

The Best Things in Life Are Free

kma's amazon.com wish list, aka the huge pile of stuff bookmarked by her so she can remember what it is she wants for the next 30 years... *hint hint* [currently down]
alexis denisof, angel the series, angelus, angst, beatles, benton fraser, bisexuality, blackadder, blind justice, bodie/doyle, bones, bonham, books, booth, boy meets boy, brennan, buffy the vampire slayer, captain blood, captain jack harkness, chris meloni, chris meloni's ass, clex, colin and ryan, cons, david boreanaz, david hewlett, dead zone, depression, dexter, diefenbaker, dixie mccall, doctor who, dorian red gloria, due south, elliot stabler, emergency!, er, eroica, fan fiction, farscape, firefly, fox mulder, frankentim, from eroica with love, g, gay penguin sex, gene/sam, goran visnjic, goran višnjić, hanson/penhall, hawkeye/trapper, history, horatio hornblower, house, house/wilson, ioan gruffudd, jack o'neill, james bond, james bond/le chiffre, james marsters, jarod, jeeves & wooster, jeeves/wooster, jim dunbar, jim/blair, joe flanigan, john crichton, john lennon, john munch, john sheppard, john/aeryn, johnny & roy, johnny/bruce, klaus von dem eberbach, klaus/dorian, knight rider, kyle secor, l&o svu, law & order svu, lethal weapon, life on mars, lord of the rings, love, luby, luka kovac, lust, macgyver, mal's ass, mal/inara, manly hunger, mash, mcshep, millennium, monty python, mr. lyle, mr. raines, mst3k, napoleonic wars, ncis, nick seafort, pirates, police rescue, ppc, pretender, quantum leap, radek zelenka, rafael sabatini, ray k, reading, richard dean anderson, rodney mckay, sadness, scrubs, scrubs slash, sea hawk, seafort saga, serenity, sharpe, sharpe/harper, slash, slash-o-vision, smallville, smut, songvids, spangel, spike, spuffy, stargate sg1, starsky & hutch, tdh, television, the beatles, the black rose, the centre, the princess bride, the professionals, the sentinel, tim bayliss, tolkien, torchwood, trauma, vecchio, vids, weisskreuz, wiseguy, writing, x-files, z, zines, слэш